Our Services

Personal Tax Planning

We serve individuals whether they need to file simple tax returns or have complex tax situations.  Our professional staff will analyse your particular needs and structure the best set up to be the most beneficial to you.

Tax Services for US Citizens/Canadians with Green Cards

US Expatriates working in Canada and Canadians holding US Green Cards often find filing US taxes complex.   We can help make filing US taxes while in Canada simple. US Expatriates and Canadian Green Card Holders need to seek counsel to guarantee that they are always abiding by current federal, state and local tax policies, and no one understands those more than Storoszko & Associates tax professionals.  It is crucial for all US citizens (both natural and Green Card Holders) abroad to understand American expat tax law and its ramifications. The American expat tax law declares that all American expatriates and Green Card Holders (naturalised citizens) are to pay their taxes at the end of each year no matter where they are located abroad.

Corporate Tax Planning

Many small to medium size enterprises do not employ accounting and tax professionals.   There are situations that you need advice so that tax can be minimised within the legislative regime.   Our firm is positioned to serve businesses - assistance in decisions about whether to incorporate, ownership structures, inter-corporate transactions, etc.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Every business should keep proper accounting records.   Our bookkeeping service can reduce your regular paper work and let you focus on the more important things - your business!   We provide periodic financial reports to you and keep you informed.

Business Analysis and Management Consulting

If you are anticipating to have complex business transactions, be sure to analyse the situation before a decision is made.   Our professional staff will assist you and provide guidance all the way.

Our firm also provides management consulting services to help businesses improve cash flow, review internal controls, and increase efficiency.

Computer Software Support

We can help you implement computerised accounting and bookkeeping systems. We will analyse your needs, recommend suitable software, install it, train your staff, and provide incidental support.

Service to Not-For-Profit Organisations

We believe in the value of not-for-profit (NFP) organisations to our community.   Our firm provides professional service to help many NFPs keep up with the current accounting standards and fulfil government obligations.

Human Resource Back Office Support

Small businesses can be in risky positions if they don't have reviewed Human Resource procedures.  Storoszko & Associates can assist small businesses develop job contracts to ensure they are protected from future risk.